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2030 Clay St.
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  • 1. Do you service house-hold sewing machines?
  • 2. Do you purchase used sewing machines?
No, we do have a consignment program or a trade program. If interested, please call our offices to speak to someone about it.
  • 3. Do you do any type of sewing work?
No, we strictly sell and service industrial sewing machines, but we can refer you to different companies that do.
  • 4. What kind of needles does my machine take?
There is no straight answer. It depends on the make and model of your machine, what you are sewing and, what you want the finished product to look like. It will be better if you call and speak to one of our parts people.
  • 5. What size thread should I use for my size needle?
It is very important to have the right size thread with whatever needle you will be using. If not, you can experience fraying and tension problems. Make sure what you have is what you need.


Machine Service Questions and Comments

Please let us know about any service needs you might have. Also, we encourage you to comment on service you have received, whether it was great or poor. We are constantly trying to improve how we do things for our customers, so if it's broken, we need to fix it, and if it's working great, we need to keep it. Help us, so we can keep helping you!

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